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The Civil War
Strengths and Weaknesses


Famous People of the Civil War
Battles of the War
Strengths and Weaknesses

This page tells about the strengths and weaknesses of the North and South during the Civil War.

-Had four times as many free citizens as South, which made a large work force and
-The North had a much stronger industry than the South
     1. They made 90% of the nations goods
     2. The North could use these papers to make war goods.
-The North 70% of the nations railroads.
-The North had strong navy.
-The South was fighting a defensive war.
-The Southern defenders knew the Southern terrain well.
-The soldiers were fighting for their homeland.
-Southerners had good soldier skills:
     1. Hunting was a big part of Southern life, so men knew how to use guns.
     2. Men also knew how to ride horses from a young age.
     3. Many young men went to military school to learn how to be officers. (Many of the best officers in the United States army came from the South)

-The North had to conquer huge area
-The North had invade an unfamiliar land
-The South had few factories
     1. To make weapons
     2. To make railroad tracks
-The South had few railroads to move troops and supplies.
-The railroads in the South did not usually connect.
-The South had a small population compared to the North.