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The Revolutionary War
Women, Native Americans, and African Americans in the War


The Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War
The Battles of the War
The French in the War
Women, Native Americans, and African Americans in the War
Famous People of Revolutionary War
Strengths and Weaknesses
End of the War

This web page is about different groups in the Revolutionary War.

This is an African American Solider in the Revultionary War

This is "Molly Pitcher" a famous woman in the Revolutionary War.

This is a picture of Native Americans in the Revlutionary War.

Women in the War
      Women took on men's jobs in the war. They grew crops that the Continental Army ate. They also made weapons, shoes, wove cloth, made blankets, and made uniforms for the Continental Army. Some women also went to the front lines with their husbands. While there they cooked, washed clothes, and cared for the wounded.
African Americans in the War
      African Americans, at first, were not allowed to serve in the Continental Army. The British, however, would give freedom to any black slave who served them. When Washington heard that he then allowed free African Americans to enlist in the Continental Army. About 5,000 black men fought against the British in the war.
Native Americans in the War
     Native Americans tried to stay neutral in the war, but eventually they choose sides. Most of the Iroquois sided with the British, the Algonquins sided with Colonists, and the Cherokees were sided with the colonists untill their leader warned the colonists about a planned raid, so the colonists attacked all the Cherokees. Then the Cherokees sided with the British.