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Tragic Hero
Plot Analysis
Tragic Hero

These are the elements of a tragic hero and how Parzival fits into these elements.

Elements of a Tragic Hero:
1.  Man of High Birth:
2.  Has great promise, ability, and integrity of character:
3.  Has a tragic flaw, or weakness:
4.  Has a capacity for suffering [consience].  Does not endure passively; he fights back and seeks remedies:
5.  His actions will involve choices:
6.  Downfall is caused by one or more of the following:  Tragic Flaw [ambition, inaction...], Supernatural, Fate or ill-luck:
7.  Usually, the tragic hero dies at the end of the play or story:

Examples that prove Parzival is a Tragic Hero:
"For they knew that the boys mother was a queen and his father a king..."  pg.10 
"...Queen Herzoloyde wondered if it could even bear her son's weight..."pg.11
Parzival kills the Red Knight.  pg.28
He was able to shoot a bird out of the sky with a crude bow.  pg.5
He cried of the larks death, that he killed.  pg.5
"...he must begin at once to teach Parzival to be a proper knight.  pg.31
He is sad at the death of the lark.  pg.5
He is sad that it was his fault the princess was embarressed, in King Arthur's court.  pg.26
Parzival fights Kingrum for Queen Condwiramurs.  pg.39
"The boy was determined to go to King Arthur's court..."  pg.10
"I must go see how my mother is..."-Parzival.  pg.46 
Parzival is cursed by Cundrie.  pg.86
Parzival failed to ask what was wrong with Anfortas.  pg.53
Parzival did not die.  This element does not apply to this story.


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