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This is the homepage of our Parzival website. This site contains information on the book Parzival by Katherine Paterson. Below are a few important quotes from the book.

Parzival fighting the Red Knight.

"In the ancient days, Arthur was king of Btitain, there lived a boy who had never heard of the great son of Pendragon or of his bold knights." pg. 3

"If you have defeated a man in battle you do not need to kill him" - Gurnemanz pg. 32

"The princess placed the grail on the table...but where was the food and drink...just then, the servant behind Parzival held out a goblet toward the grail.  Imediatelty it was filled..." pg. 52

"I cannot belive it, you were taken to Wild Mountain.  You saw the marvels of that place.  You saw the Grail itself and the awful suffering of its king -and you did not ask the question?" -Sigune  pg. 60

"Make me a knight!" the boy said at once " I can't wait any longer.  And i don't ask anything of you but your leave..." -Parzival  pg. 24

A picture of the book Parzival.

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