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These are some of the harder words in Parzival that we have defined.

Parzival with Trevrizent.

Abide - verb - put up with; bear.  pg. 60


Appareled - verb - Clothed.  pg.112


Broach - noun - A large pin warn as an ornament, fastened to clothing with a clasp.  pg. 14


Chivalry - noun - The medieval institution of knighthood and its customs. pg. 8


distraught - Adj. - 1. Anxious or agitated; worried. 2. crazed; mad.  pg.10


Doublet - noun - A close fitting jacket, with or without sleeves, worn by men in the 15th and 17th centuries.  pg.11


Grail - noun - In medieval legends, the cup or chalice that was used by Christ at the last supper.  pg.52


Infidel - noun - A person who isn't a Christian.  pg.112


Nag - noun - A horse, especially an old or warn-out horse.   pg.11


Pallet - noun - A narrow, hard bed or straw filled mattress.  pg. 77


Rebuteverb - to criticize sharply; upbraid - noun - words or actions oppressing strong disapproval; severe criticism.  pg. 97


Silken - adj. - Made of silk.  pg.52


Sorrel - noun - A yellowish-brown horse.  pg.30


Spurred - verb - to urge a horse on by pricking it with spurs.  pg.112


Unseemly - Adj. - Not in good taste; improper.  pg. 65


Whinny - noun - A high pitched or gentle sound made by a horse.  pg.52



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