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The Revolutionary War
Famous People of Revolutionary War


The Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War
The Battles of the War
The French in the War
Women, Native Americans, and African Americans in the War
Famous People of Revolutionary War
Strengths and Weaknesses
End of the War

This web page tells information about famous people in the Revolutionary War.

Famous People
George Washington-commander of the Continental Army. Later the first president of the United States of America.
Charles Cornwallis-commander of the British army. Washington battled Cornwallis at Princeton. Washington won. Cornwallis was trapped at Yorktown by the French and Americans were he surrendered.
Bendict Arnold-famous traitor to the Continintal Army. Before he was a traitor he was cheered on by Continintal troops as the hero of Saratoga. Arnold was put in charge of a fort called West Point, but Arnold was mad. He felt that he had not been given enough credit for his victorys. He agreed to turn West Point over to the British for money. Arnolds messenger was caught with the offer to the British. Arnold escaped and joined the British.

This is Cornwallis.

This is George Washington.

Foreign  Help
Marquis de Lafayette-French-provided trained soldiers to the United States. Later lend the French revolution.
Thaddeus Kosciusko-Polish-helped build forts and other defenses.
Casimir Pulaski-Polish-trained United States cavalry.
Bernardo de Galvez-Spainish-secretly supplied weapons, cows, and supplies to the Americans. When Spain entered the war he ssized British forts.
Fredrich von Steuben-Prussian-trained United States troops. Taught them how to use bayonets and how to march. 

This is the traitor Benidict Arnold.

More Famous People
Nathan Hale-originally a spy for George Washington. Was captured by the British and killed. Before he died he uttered the famous words, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." 
Thomas Paine-writter of Common Sense and The Crisis. Common Sense stated that the colonies had nothing to gain under British rule. The Crisis said to support the Continintal Army.
John Paul Jones-commanded the ship Bonhomme Richard. Defeated the larger and more powerful Serapis. The Serapis was guarding 39 British merchant ships. Said the famous words, "I have not yet begun to fight!" 
George Rogers Clark-led fights agianst British in the Ohio River Valley. With help from the Miami Indians he captured forts at Kaskaskia and Cahokia. The most famous fort he captured was at Vincennes. To win the battle he spread out his men to make his numbers look larger.