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The Revolutionary War
Strengths and Weaknesses


The Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War
The Battles of the War
The French in the War
Women, Native Americans, and African Americans in the War
Famous People of Revolutionary War
Strengths and Weaknesses
End of the War

This page tells about the strengths and weaknesses of the British and the Americans.

Americans-They were defending their land that they knew well. Many colonists owned guns and knew how to shot. Also they had George Washington, a good leader.
British-Had highly trained troops, the most powerful navy in the world, and lots of funds.

This is a British navy vessel.

This is one of America's strengths, George Washington.

Americans-Had untrained forces, few cannons, little gunpowder, and no navy.
British-The armies were 3,000 miles from home. Supplies took months to reach the armies.

These would have been precious to Washington.

If you look below you can see a map of how far Britian and America are.

You can see how far apart Britain and America are.