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The Revolutionary War
Battle of Trenton


The Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War
The Battles of the War
The French in the War
Women, Native Americans, and African Americans in the War
Famous People of Revolutionary War
Strengths and Weaknesses
End of the War

This page tells about the Battle of Trenton.

       On Christmas night Washington led a very bold attack on Trenton. His army crossed the Deleware River (The famous picture of Washington crossing the Delaware River). Early December 26, Washington attacked the Hessians at Trenton. The Hessians were German troops that were hired by the British to fight the British. The Americans caught the Hessians off guard. The Hessians had been drinking and partying the whole night, so they were caught off guard. The Americans didn't lose a signle person.

Washington crossing the Delaware River.

Quick Facts:

  • Americans won
  • Americans didn't lose any soldiers
  • Hessains, German mercinaries hired by Britain to fight the Americains, gaurded Trenton
  • The attack took place the day after Christmas. The Hessains had been drinking and celebrating, so the attack surprised them.
  • To carry out this attack, Washington had to transport all his men a cross the Delaware River.
  • The Hessains had just under 1,500 men