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The Revolutionary War
The Battle of Bunker Hill


The Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War
The Battles of the War
The French in the War
Women, Native Americans, and African Americans in the War
Famous People of Revolutionary War
Strengths and Weaknesses
End of the War

This page tells about the Battle of Bunker Hill.

       Colonel William Prescott set up his 1,200 minutemen on Bunker Hill in Charlestown. He had his men move to Breed's Hill. They set up position there. TheAmericans dug trenchs there. In the morning the British attacked with around 2,400 troops.Prescott's men had little gunpodwer, so he told his men "Do not fire until you see the white of their eyes!" The Americans lost 400 men. The British lost 1,000 men.

This is the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Quick Facts:
  • British won
  • William Prescott was the American leader
  • The Americans had 1,200 minutemen
  • The British had 2,400 redcoats
  • The British lost over 1,000 men
  • The American lost only 400 men